Livre - Book / 2016

MBU Street Zine Issue 4

VUTUC / Samopal Books

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ISSUE FOUR (MBU STREET ZINE), Sergej Vutuc explores the materiality of the book itself and activates the reader to intervene in the original setting. The unopened, but bound and tacked pages hide additional images on their backside, one can simply rip the sheets to look behind them—and also put them together again in an own order. In doing so, a key moment of Sergej Vutuc’s artistic method is transferred to the reader: working with the photographic material, ripping, kinking, destroying, and discovering what happened to the images during this process.The book brings together the work of three artists, besides Vutuc’s work there are the self-portraits by Fabiano Rodrigues and images of the installations by Raphael Zarka. They all have in common that they combine their strong connection to art and photography with the skateboard culture.

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21 x 28,5 cm / 200 ex.
Couverture : Risographie, couverture cartonnée
Pages intérieures : Offset